Instagram Videos on iOS & Android Now Auto Replay

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  • 8 years ago

In a recent update Instagram has updated both its Android and iOS apps to offer auto replay functionality; a feature boasted by Vine. However, it is interesting to note that these looping videos would not impact data usage every time a video replays, so users with limited data plans can browse through posts without worry. The autoplay functionality surely does increase user engagement since a video you might not have played otherwise might entice you into watching, maybe if caught a 2 second glimpse. Though to get the full experience a user needs to tap the video which would then enable sound, another nifty feature that allows for discrete browsing. Surely a welcome addition for all the video advertisers out there!


As the drive towards increasing user engagement heightens, both Facebook and Twitter are diversifying themselves through offering new features or through acquiring other unique services. We see a lot of Facebook’s recent focus shift towards videos as is evident through video suggestions through out Facebook  and now with an update to their Instagram video playback feature. It seems that videos might be a good driver or traffic and Facebook wants to match Twitter’s Vine offerings through its own Instagram App.

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