What features top-notch smartphones lack?

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We all see numerous reviews about the latest and the most powerful smartphones which mostly highlights the good features. But have you ever noticed what essential features these powerful and expensive smartphones lack?

latest and best smartphones

Some common features that these smartphones lack can be a missing memory card slot or theLTE technology or the protection of your screen by gorilla glass and a lot more. First let me tell you how are these features important:

LTE Technology:

LTE is the latest wireless communication technology and it offers high speed data transfer for mobile devices. It is basically the upgraded version of GSM. So when every network is shifting to LTE, it is a must have feature for your new smartphone.

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Memory card slot:

In the 21st century, no memory is enough memory. With the latest phones using the latest OS and new addictive apps popping up every now and then, limited space can cause you some problems and you may need to delete you previous data to free some space.

Gorilla Glass:

Gorilla glass is a protective glass used for mobile phone screens. It is stronger than the normal glass used for screens and it is also scratch-proof. You can keep any sharp object like keys in your pocket while still having your phone and it would not even let a single scratch come on your screen.


The battery issue is really common these days beacause every one is becoming more dependent on mobile phones as you need to do many things on it ranging from shopping to playing games to social networking etc., if a smart phone does not have enough battery to cope up with your usage then its of no use.


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Here”s a list of some common smartphones with the features they lack:

HTC one X:

  • LTE
  • Memory card slot
  • Battery with higher capacity

Iphone 5:

  • Memory card slot (Although 64 Gb internal memory is available)
  • Bigger screen

Google Nexus 4:

  • LTE
  • Memory card slot

Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

  • Memory card slot
  • Gorilla glass

HTC Droid DNA:

  • Memory card slot
  • Battery with higher capacity

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HTC one S:

  • Memory card slot

HTC Sensation:

  • LTE technology


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