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If you are a Call of Duty fan you are going to enjoy this! You may know that the single player campaign though a lot of fun, is just half the experience and definitely not the sole reason why most of us purchase a copy of the game.

It is infact the online experience that hooks us onto Call of Duty. After the award winning Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare instalment we have had successive editions of the series which are eagerly awaited throughout the world before release. Call of Duty enticed gamers with good graphics, smooth game play and a variety of weapons, perks and customizations and has done so successfully to date keeping players engaged.

The current edition of Call of Duty which is infact the 8th instalment of the series is called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and it too packs an interesting campaign mode but an even better online experience. The interface is smooth, bugs and kinks are quickly ironed out by the devs and the game updates regularly.

This time though they have gone a step further with the introduction of Call of Duty ELITE. The name may sound like an attempt to give it an exquisite feel, trying to dictate that the Call of Duty experience is not complete without the ELITE subscription which most translate into milking money from users. You might have already surfed through the plethora of information available about what goodies elite service offers, once subscribed. Today though we are going to discuss something different! We are not going to talk the service itself instead we are going to take a look at the Call of Duty: Elite application for iOS and android and the dedicated Elite website, which is free to use but a lot of fun. It is one of the best tools for those who are very particular about their stats, want to compare progress or want to rise to the top.

Let us start with the COD Elite website first because this is where you will be headed initially to create your ELITE ID and link your PSN or Xbox live ID.


Once you are done with the registration and have linked your appropriate profile you will be awarded two hours of double XP! which essentially means that you will get double in game experience points helping you to level up quicker. A kill normally grabs you a 100 xp points so you would get 200 xp for each kill. A good incentive to rake up decent xp allowing you to get weapon unlocks etc.

Logging in to the website you are presented with a well designed panel showing you your career summary. What is interesting is that the elite panel has a record of your stats in other series of the game, which is actually quite cool! you can look back at your stats for Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty World at War, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty Black Ops and the current Call of duty MW3. If you have noted that your title/emblem card in MW3 has 4 dots under whatever title you have chosen for yourself. A few players have emblems there while others have a few or none. These dots basically represent your COD history and shows you the rank you had in either of the aforementioned editions. The editions are shown in a chronological order from left to right.

Detailed progress from earlier editions is also visible on the elite website. While it shows your progress in the current iteration you have the option to scroll over and look at your older player cards.

Your dashboard is arranged neatly into different tabs. I like the way they have used j-query to present all the information on a single page yet making proper tabs for easy navigation. The tabs can be accessed on the right of the page and instantly scrolls you down or up depending on what you want to check.

So the first screen gives you a summary of your performance, displaying your overall KD ratio, your level within the game also showing your prestige emblems if you have any. You can find a nifty prestige calculator here which allows you to find out how many days or hours its going to take to prestige up based on your performance and the number of hours you choose to play daily. You might also note 5 blue and red dots which are actually depicting your last 5 matches. A blue dot represents that your team won the match while the red one shows otherwise.

If you scroll down or click the next tab on the right you should be presented with your recent matches which is pretty neat as well. By default you get to see your performance in the last 10 matches but this can be customized to reflect a range you choose.. You can view in-depth details about your victim, nemesis, xp earned in a particular map, your KD ratio, and even the heat map for a particular map. Showing you where all the action took place. Its like recreating the war and playing it step by step! Additionally you get three views for this screen, you can either have your stats displayed as tabbed, listed or graphically. You can set filters to show your KD ratio, just the kills or deaths, head shots, XP, Score , Score per minute (SPM) or the number of assists per match. This is basically your strategy centre, you can calculate every kind of stat imaginable 😛

The next screen is your custom classes screen. I would call it your weapons depot. This is where you can review all your classes carefully explore all possible combinations hand-picking the ones you think shall give you the edge needed to overthrow competition. Elite gives you the ease of customizing your classes out of game. You do not need to have your MW3 fired up to make changes! You can customize classes via elite be it on the website or the mobile app. All your changes will be synced with the game so that you are ready for battle the next time your turn on your console.

The next three tabs also bring forth unique features. The folks back at the studios have made sure that every bit of the game is up for analysis and each minute detail is traceable. To sum up you can track progress of each and every challenge available in multiplayer. You have been also given the option to mark a challenge which you would like to consciously monitor, so if there is some challenge you really want to do you can set it here! digging deeper you will find slots where replays that you have uploaded are displayed. MW3 stores a couple of replays of your matches which are overwritten as you play along but you have the option to save and upload them onto the cloud for others to see. This can be done in the theatre mode. Unfortunately you have 8 slots as a free user but if you decide to upgrade your elite membership you can increase the limit to 25. These slots can also be utilized for screen shots. Elite also lets you share these videos via youtube by linking your youtube account to it now thats another wow for elite!

Digging even deeper you have the ability to compare your progress with your friends or whoever you want. Competitive much? this screen lets you compare statistic by statistic showing you your strengths and areas to improve. You can virtually view intricate details of your friends such as their SPM, KD, Assists, recent matches and even their custom classes! What weapons they use, what perks or strike package do they use. It gives you a fairly good idea about their playing style and habits. Its just like viewing your own profile without the option to edit it.

You thought that was the end well there is more! You can see a detailed overview of your performance with a particular weapon. Your KD ratio, kills, deaths, accuracy, head shots and even your deaths during use! That is sick!

Here is a collection of the screen shots from the mobile app and trust me it is loaded with all the goodies as well 😉

The mobile app is available both on iOS and Android for free! The ipad version of the app however is still under development and should be available soon. What are you waiting for? Get your game on!

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