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  • 11 years ago

Are you looking for a racing game in which you aren’t bombarded with complex, finicky controls instead it is just fun to play? “Crazy Monster Truck – Escape” is the game for you then! It is a great adrenaline pumping game.

In this game you are required to complete different missions in which you are running away from the cops and you have to complete the journey without wrecking your car. The game dynamics remind me of Crazy Taxi on Facebook in which you are required to dodge the vehicles.

Though this game is much better! It has high quality graphics and much more to do than just jump over some vehicles.

There are four kinds of power-ups in the game.

  1. Speed – It is your Turbo button.
  2. Shield – Prevents your car from any damage
  3. Jump – You can only jump over any vehicles/obstacle/train if you have Jump power-up on you.
  4. Health – If you car is low on health you will see green power-up icons which help you regain health.

The health of your car is displayed behind your car. It turns from Green to Red!

During the course of game play, you will be faced with several challenges. There are obstacles, vehicles, spikes and laser mines being throw from the helicopter, roadblocks, trains, etc. which you have to save your car from in order to reach your destination and prevent yourself from getting busted!

Each obstacle results in a different kind of a damage. The most deadly are laser mines and trains. They are a dead end! Whereas spikes just makes you go off track for a bit. Collision with cars can also prove to be very deadly.

If you are faced with a roadblock and you are out of shield or jump power-ups, I would suggest that you hit the blocks rather than the Police car. Because in this way you will end up losing less energy.

Apart from annoying adverts on the top of the game it is really fun game to play.


Click Here to download the game for Free from iTunes.


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  • Tuski

    Yah… I like to play crazy monster truck – escape….. 🙂 enjoy so much…

  • Pransh

    Super Fun Game to Play…Go for it Guys..
    Should be on the 1st Position.

  • XXX_Gamer

    i like these game, it is full of thrill………….. 🙂

  • michael

    its fun to play , excellent graphics. As an free game its truly deserve five stars , If the developer reading it , I suggest to add some in app options to remove ads at least.