Chrome available for iOS download now! (Review)

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  • 7 years ago

Google Chrome for iOS is out! Google announced previously today at it’s annual I/O that the most successful browser would soon be making its way to your favourite iOS device and just a couple of hours later, its here!

Chrome for iOS is as you’d expect, there is an option to sign into your Google accounts to access your bookmarks and tabs open on other devices (currently supports OSX, Windows, Linux and Android).The Google Chrome version is 19.0.1084.60 which is the stable release from a couple of months ago. Chances are that Google submitted the app to Apple for approval then.

This makes me realize, no nightly builts or beta for the iOS version. Each update Google puts forth will have to be scrutinized by Apple. Other than that, you still have the omnibar, no bookmark bar, and no extensions which you’d expect. Currently its available on US app store via the following link.


Download Chrome on your iOS device

Using it on an iPad, the first thing you notice off the bat is the sluggishness when compared to Apple’s Safari, the default iOS browser. However Chrome is not so slow as to be a deal breaker and one need’s to release that Apple has head start of five years on Google when designing browsers for iOS.

Google however has done one better on Apple by giving the world Chrome for iOS before the iOS 6 version of safari (which will incorporate some of the features available today in Chrome).

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