Apple Store Down! 4-11-12

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  • 6 years ago

Seems like the apple store is currently down. Most of us are accustomed to such sudden unexplained outages from apple and it usually translates into a product refresh. Before we actually see what it is there are a lot of rumours and speculations going on. I bet apple loves doing that! Creating hype and tension amongst its followers and fans.

It is interesting to note  (if you haven’t already),  the page signalling that the store is offline has gotten a design overhaul; with a new background and graphics. The design now has a more ios and snow leopard feel to it. But the message guarding the secret is still the same:

We’ll be back.

We’re busy updating the Apple Store and will be back soon.

Here is a snap of the old page:


So is there really going to be something new or the store is just down for routine maintenance? It is highly unlikely that this is for the new macbook pro refresh or the new ivy bridge imacs, maybe its the rumoured 7″ ipad who knows! :p

What do you think it would be? just a late April fools joke or apple just clearing their shelves for new stuff?


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