Apple Indulges Gamers & Game Developers with Dedicated Twitter Account

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  • 8 years ago

Earlier this month Apple has created a new twitter account dedicated to iOS gaming. The account is going to be managed by game editors at Apple to bring out the latest and greatest on the app store and feature top players. This move reiterates the fact that gaming does play an important role in boosting iTunes store revenues, enough to warrant significant attention from Apple.

The idea however, to promote gaming isn’t beneficial for Apple alone, game studios, game developers and gamers would greatly benefit from the extra attention. Once the store officially recommends or reviews a game it would add authenticity and gain a lot of milage with savvy gamers on the lookout. It is a win win situation for every one:

      • Apple promotes games, hence increasing downloads / in-app purchases and ultimately revenue for Apple.
      • Developers get more intrinsic and extrinsic motivation via Apple’s support / endorsement, encouragement and free advertisement on the official Twitter account.  More reasons to work harder in an attempt to get your game featured translating into higher revenues.
      • Gamers get a consolidated source to explore new games, learn about tips and tricks and see this as an opportunity to brag their skills.

I think this was a really good and subtle move by Apple to increase engagement by consolidating information and presenting it nicely. Oh don’t we love the nice Apple brick and mortar displays? The increased attention towards gaming also ties in nicely with Apple’s plan to release a motion controller for the new Apple TV also featuring an app store to download apps.

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