Apple Now Allows You To Deregister iMessage Even If You Aren’t Using Apple Device

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  • 9 years ago

Unable to receive SMS or text messages? Your friends say they have texted you but you never got any?

If you are having trouble receiving SMS or text messages from someone who sends you from an iPhone, it could be because that iPhone is still trying to send you iMessages even if you don’t have an Apple phone anymore. In order to resolve this glitch, Apple has provided with instructions and a website. If you are wondering what made Apple feel so considerate, well it is a law suit which made them do it. Apple is facing a lawsuit over Android users being unable to receive text messages after switching from Apple device.

The website offers instructions for both those who still own an iPhone and those who have already switched to another smartphone and no longer own an iPhone.

For those who own an iPhone instructions for deregistering iMessage are as follows:

  1. Insert your SIM Card into the iPhone for which you want to deregister iMessage
  2. Goto Settings
  3. Tap Messages
  4. Turn Off iMessage

For those who have switched to another smartphone. They can click on the link here to visit the website. On this website Apple asks for your Country and Phone Number. Enter these details and you will receive a text message with a confirmation code. Enter this confirmation code in the field underneath the phone number and thats it. Unfortunately this service is not supported for all countries. For example, Pakistan is not in the countries list. It could partially be because Apple doesn’t officially sell in Pakistan.

If you are still having trouble deregistering iMessage, Apple has created a support page which you can visit here.

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