What is Google Inbox all about? Invites?

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  • 3 years ago

I’m sure you have heard of it by now. Yes, I am referring to Google inbox; Google’s latest take on revamping the way we use email. With the number of emails sent and received increasing exponentially, it has surely become an Integral part of our daily lives. Sadly most of us are in a constant struggle to keep things organized, labeling messages, sorting notes and setting reminders. Searching for an old email can particularly be a painful process plus the clutter can cause important emails to go unnoticed, easily. Then is the challenge of juggle multiple platforms to track individual items like reminders, alarms and appointments. The folks at Google however, in their latest iteration have come up with Google Inbox which is aimed at addressing some of our day to day nuances, attempting to make life simpler and organized.


However, If you have already gone through the multitude of reviews out there and are just looking for a Google Inbox invite, comment below. We might have a couple left! Since invites are limited we encourage you to help the poster below you. It is advisable to use [at] instead of @ if posting email addresses.

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