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  • 7 years ago

Since its release Android has never failed to impress me. Each day tonnes of apps are rolled out geared at exploiting its uncapped potential and today is no different! I stumbled upon this cool app that lets you use your cellphone as a camera for your computer.

So if you are an android fan and always looking for cool stuff to do with your phone this is an app for you!

IP camera- Available free of cost from the android market!

Download here: IP Webcam- Android

Download the desktop app directly from the publisher:

IP Webcam- Desktop App (Windows XP/Vista/7)

 Or you can see the feed using VLC or any web browser on any OS.

This works with any desktop app that uses DirectShow API such as Skype, MSN messenger etc! (Windows XP/Vista/7 Only)

Once installed just run the app on your phone. Make sure that both your devices (phone and computer) are connected to the same wifi network. Add security if you would like to secure the feed, and press start server at the bottom. You will now see the phone camera turn on with an IP address being listed at the bottom of the screen.

Just copy this ip address and paste it into your web browser followed by the port number after colon and hit enter. You will be presented with the following options:

Select “Use browser built-in viewer” and there you have it…Live feed directly from your camera! You can even choose to enable audio and use it as a video surveillance. Possibilities are endless! Just let your imagination run wild..In a good way that is!

Furthermore if you have a windows machine you can test it with Skype video calling!

Download this driver MJPG filter to make your camera accesible to video calling software.

Run Skype, click on tools and select Options. Under options just browse to the videos settings and switch the camera from the drop down to IP Camera [JPEG/MJPEG]. Use the image below for settings

Be sure to put in your own ip followed by port and /videofeed. eg:

192.168.x.x:8020/videofeed (depending on your settings)

If everything is configured properly you will see feed from your camera onto the Skype settings window!

It is particularly good when you have to show around or outside, only limitation is your wifi range obviously.

 I hope you enjoyed this article!

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