Review: Android JellyBean 4.2, What’s All That Hype About?

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Jellybean 4.2

So the new Android jellybean 4.2 made its debut with the release of Nexus 4, which sold out within minutes after its availability on Google Play Store. Yesterday, I finally got my hands on jellybean 4.2 after the official update hit my Galaxy Nexus (Yakju variant). Jellybean 4.2 is now available on a handful devices like Nexus 4, galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 Let’s see what the jellybean 4.2 has got to offer and why was there so much anticipation.

Jellybean 4.2


Android JellyBean 4.2 Features:

Gesture Typing:

Writing text messages on your touch-screen phone has never been so smooth and easy. If you’ve used the SWYPE  app then you already have experienced the gesture typing. You just have to glide your finger over the letters and your text would be typed, correct and accurate.  The keyboard can complete your sentence with its intelligent prediction and also Android jellybean 4.2’s dictionary is now even more relevant and precise.



Quick Settings:

With swipe of one finger from top to bottom you can drag the notifications bar with a quick settings button added in jellybean 4.2 which has Wi-Fi, display brightness, battery life, Bluetooth, airplane mode, and a button to take you into the full settings menu. Or you can directly access the quick settings menu by swiping two fingers from top to bottom. These kind of features are really useful and differentiate Android OS from other mobile OS.




This feature is Apple Airplay’s equivalent. Now you can mirror your phone or tablet’s screen on miracast enabled TVs and Blu-Ray players, which is a great plus point for Android users.




  • Photo Sphere:

This is one of the best additions in jellybean. Photo Sphere lets you take photos of a place in every direction and then joins all photos of all the directions into a 360-degree panorama which gives your photos a very real-like touch. The results of Photo sphere are amazing and you can share your photo spheres on google+ and google maps.


  • HDR mode:

This uses two or more photos of a scene at different exposures and merge them together to make a single picture that ideal exposure levels for light and dark areas.

  • Photo Editing:

Jellybean 4.2 has some inbuilt photo-editing options. You can add different instagram-like effects, frames, crop photos, and some more advanced editing options like hue and saturation levels, filter, sharpness etc. So there is no need to install other apps for editing purposes.


Lockscreen widgets:

You now add widgets to your lockscreen which are accessible to anyone who uses your phone without unlocking. You can add different widgets to your lockscreen and there can be many pages for the widgets. This allows you to quickly check the calendar or capture the moment with camera while wasting no time.



Other Additions:


  • Multiple User profiles on Tablets:

Multiple users can use a single tablet without interfering with each other’s settings, users can switch accounts at the lockscreen.

  • Day Dream:

Day dream is a simple feature which lets you show different things like clock, photos, beanflinger etc., to your screen when idle or docked.


Its been a day since i’m using jellybean 4.2 and i’m loving the new features and it was worth the wait. If you have used or are using Jellybean 4.2, what did you like about it the most?

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