Imran Khan's Tsunami now on Google Play (FREE apk)

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Amidst the political turmoil and deplorable conditions prevalent in the country,  the creative people at Brain freeze have managed to create their own localized version of Angry Birds dubbed Angry Imran.

The game lets you banish all the government leaders by launching an angry delineation of Imran Khan”s head on them.  Although the game”s physics are a crude copy of the original Angry Bird, I must say that adding a political flavour to it has made it an absolute novelty. Those looking for solace should definitely take this for a spin.


The game packs cartoons of quite a few politicians and that”s not all! you get to hear PTI slogans as well when you clear a level!

The creators of the game have labelled Angels Camp it as Imran”s Tsunami, though in a friendly/joking  tone but it is evident that Imran Khan”s efforts have created a buzz, a ray of hope for many. The game therefore should be a treat for PTI fans and followers. Here is the original description from the developers themselves.

Imran”s Tsunami in the Android Store!

Angry Imran is a game whose main theme is inspired from Angry Birds. This v1.0 (beta) is the result of a request from a group of friends. It is a tribute to the emerging leader of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan.
So take on the driving seat and help him in his TSUNAMI of Revolution.
*Brain freeze does not have any political affiliations with any party*


The game was originally published and made available on Google Play on 29th May 2012. The current version available is v1.0 (beta). Angry Imran requires you to have an android device running android 2.0 or greater.

On a side note venting out your anger through Angry Imran seems a much better and plausible way rather than sabotaging public/government property, since it does more harm than good.

Looking to grab yourself a copy?

Angry Imran directly from Google Play

or use your android phone to scan the QR code using any free QR code reading application for a direct download to your device!

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