HTC patches Airplane mode typo in ICS with an update (OTA)

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  • 6 years ago

The sensation series has recently been rejuvenated with the release of Ice cream sandwich with a topping of HTC’s own flavored UI (HTC Sense) which makes the whole experience tremendously more exciting and fun to use. It is perhaps no doubt one of the best UIs out there infact one of the greatest motivators to purchase a HTC handset apart from its solid build.

It seems like that HTC was in a hurry to please its fans and they promised Ice cream sandwich to their users without further delays. They chalked out a plan to release ice cream sandwich to their high-end devices first and later trickling down to other models. Such a move I think is justified; newer devices get the updates first. If you aren’t already familiar with how updates on android work, here is a brief summary that might help you understand.

Android OS by default updates over the air also known as OTA. This means that when a firmware update is available you get a notification on phone allowing you download and install the new update without the need of connecting it to the computer of taking a frantic backup of everything. When Google releases a new firmware update it is usually pushed instantly to devices running vanilla android.

Vanilla android is Google’s flavor of android or you could say how they made it. Devices officially supported by Google to showcase their OS are always at the advantage of getting the latest firmware first before other users. Namely handsets such as G1, Nexus one, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus have enjoyed these updates.

The other handsets however receive their OTAs later. The reason for this is that particular manufacturers tweak or add their own blend of UI’s to make them look unique and more attractive. So Google releases an OTA on their official handset. HTC, Motorola, LG, Samsung grab the vanilla android and start to add their own flavor to it. Namely HTC sense, Motorola Moto Blur, Samsung Touch wiz etc. This causes a bit of delay usually ranging to a few months. Now though manufacturers understand the importance of releasing OTA updates sooner because it would be building their reputation in delivering the promised updates before the other and that is what matters. The support!

At times there can be even another layer to this you have the Cellular companies branding android further sometimes disabling a few free features like gtalk (on orange) and adding other bloat ware like custom boot screens and operator branded software.

Just as a side note; Android follows the alphabetical order in firmware revision where each alphabet usually refers to the name of a dessert! That’s innovative!

We had Cupcake, Doughnut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honey Comb (tablets) and now ice cream sandwich which is later going to be over taken by Jelly bean.

That said HTC did work relentlessly and brought us all sensation users ice cream sandwich but you might have noticed the typo they made in wireless settings they mistyped aeroplane or airplane mode and wrote “aeroplan” mode.

This issue however has been patched as of today. 12th April 2012 as there is a new software update available. It’s a tiny update that tells you that it is a security settings update and guess what, it fixes the typo. Now that’s smart!

It proves that HTC does hear ramblings of its users and takes measures to fix stuff.

This particular update doesn’t require you to reboot the phone before or after installation. Its more like installing an app.


To check for system updates on your phone press menu>settings>about phone> software updates> hit check now

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