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  • 6 years ago

Day 2 of the Google I/O was dedicated to Chrome and Chrome OS where the audience were presented with a bunch of new features incorporated into the browser. Chrome has actually improved quite a bit from the early beta release to the point where it currently dominates the browser market. Such a huge accomplishment hasn”t deterred Google and they continue to innovate. It was quite remarkable watching the Chrome development timeline noting the transformation of Chrome from a simple yet agile browser into a complex, swift gaming platform.

The showcased open source Native Client technology has helped Chrome evolve into a fresh and unique gaming platform. It won”t be such a new phenomenon as we already have countless number of people using Google Chrome everyday. Chrome as a gaming platform therefore would automatically be available to all the users.

The Native Client technology has enabled Chrome to easily able to handle games with heavy console oriented graphics.  As noted by :

 The benefits of running a game natively in Chrome is high performance, security, and the capability to port to the system easily. It is easy to port existing PC and console games to the Chrome native client partly because developers can use a variety of familiar programming tools. The Unity 3D game engine includes a check box that a developer can click in order to make a Unity-based game run on the Chrome browser.

To facilitate smooth game play on the browser, Google has included a vast array of Api”s allowing developers to gain full control over the browser allowing them to introduce custom UI”s and have full screen access to provide unadulterated gaming experience to the users. Google also announced the support for gamepads which would make it easier to play games and might be able to compete with consoles.

Here is a demonstration of Bullet storm by Gaikai from the Google I/O day 2 incase you missed it:

[youtube id=”JbMF-X08etY” width=”600″ height=”350″]
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