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  • 6 years ago

Do you feel like watching youtube video on your smart TV but too lazy to figure out how to do it? Well a Canada based company “Kik” has made it extremely easy for you by introducing their new application named “Clik”. It is dream come true for all the lazy heads!

Clik allows you to walk up to any screen with a browser, and magically control & play YouTube content on the screen. All you have to do Best UK Casinos is point your phone at the browser and instantly you are in control!

Watch clik in action

It is a free app available in the Apple”s App Store. Download the application on your computer. And then open on your browser. This will generate a QR Code. You are required to point your phone camera to the screen and it will scan the QR Code. Once your application has scanned the QR Code it will give you option play from previous Queue or Search new videos from YouTube. Then you can select a video and add it to queue to watch it play on your screen. The application gives you option to pause and also allows you to skip the video through the seek bar.

This is one application you have to try!!!

It is available FREE on both iOS & Android.


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