iPad Pro debut planned with iPad mini 4; October pre-orders followed by November launch.

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Apple is set to unveil it’s one of the largest events in history on September 9th. And the same is reflected by its choice of San Francisco venue for the event. Besides new iPhones, long awaited revamped Apple TV, and new brands for Apple Watch, there are rumors that Apple is also planning on debuting a pair of new iPads at the next week’s event. This will include the long-rumored iPad Pro, and a refreshed version of the iPad mini, according to trusted sources.

Sources indicated that pre-order campaign for the iPad Pro (the planned name of the device) is scheduled for end of October, and the device will hit retail outlets in November. Even though there are rumors of MacBook-sized tablet making its debut on next week’s stage, but it is highly possible that Apple could push back the debut of larger iPad for an early October event given the currently planned November shipping date.

Nonetheless, the Bill Graham auditorium, the event venue, is a massive 7000 seat building and is believed to be chosen deliberately to reflect the event’s scope. If the iPad Pro is showcased during this event, it is highly likely that new iPad mini 4 will also be introduced alongside. New Macs and iPad Air are very unlikely to be showcased during the upcoming event.

The iPad mini 4 is expected to be a thinner version of the current iPad mini, with a faster A-series chip with support for split-screen apps. It will likely also include upgraded cameras. As for the iPad Pro, a device targeted towards power users will run iOs 9.1, support a Force Touch-based stylus, and include speakers on two sides for a more pronounced stereo effect.

If Apple does end up revealing the new iPads during the next week event, then another Apple event this fall can be ruled out.

Source: 9to5Mac

Image Source: Silicon Angle

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