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After the stunning popularity of the Angry Birds series,Rovio Entertainment Ltd. released their latest game called Bad Piggies. Once again they’ve come up with a highly addictive game having an amazing concept and cool graphics.


Bad Piggies involves a simple yet creative concept. The green pigs have to steal eggs from the birds and they can reach their destination using a vehicle which we have to build. In every stage the location and terrain is changed so we have to build the vehicle accordingly and it should reach the end without breaking.  The vehicles in bad piggies are road or flying vehicles and are built with the parts we are provided like the wooden boxes, wooden wheels, TNT, fizzy bottles, umbrella etc.

building vehicle in bad piggies

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The vehicle is easy to build, you just have to drag and drop the part to the desired place and also this game has excellent physics, just like its prequel,  the Angry Birds.

bad pigs

Bad piggies triggers your brain and unleashes your creativity (and a bit of mechanical engineering too :D). Its tremendous fun when you build your own vehicle and see how it performs (even if it crashes). If you’re stuck on any stage you can tap on the bulb button and can get a hint about how the vehicle should be made and even then if your’re stuck, you can hire a piggie mechanic to build it for you.

three stars in bad piggies

Bad Piggies is a visually appealing game with a catchy music and it sure has the potential to hit the next level of  popularity. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. On iOS you can buy it for $0.99 and on google play store its for free. For iOS users, I would recommend buying Bad piggies because it is worth giving a shot and that too at a very low price.


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