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  • 7 years ago

Do you have that ugly tree stump ruining your otherwise beautiful picture? Those grains making your picture look like a century old, that fold that just damaged it? or maybe you are thinking of playing devil with Photoshop?

Wouldn’t it just be cool to make the image look just like how you wanted! But sadly you are totally new to photoshop or dont want to go through the hassle to manually use the clone stamp tool and other tedious fixes available? Well with adobe Photoshop CS5 you can now work your magic and easily create your own masterpieces. What I am talking about is the new content aware fill tool introduced by adobe in Photoshop version CS5 and later.

You will find hundreds of definitions and capabilities of this tool on Google but lets test it out ourselves. This post is strictly about the content aware fill tool with more applications to follow later.

So lets begin!!

Lets just use this image as our test subject for now and see the power of this tool!

Step 1:

Fire up Photoshop and open the image you would like to edit.

I will be using a few shortcuts that come in very handy while using Photoshop. One in particular is the zoom in zoom out tool used quite often to get the fine details just about right!

To zoom in:

Windows: Ctrl +


To zoom out:

Windows: Ctrl –


If you see on the right you will see just one locked layer named background. You will need to unlock it first to start editing, just double click on the layer and create a new layer using the new layer prompt that would pop up.

Once you click okay this would unlock the layer for editing.

For our example we will be removing that floating acorn in the water first and then try removing the girl from the scenery in step 3

Step 2:

Select the rectangular marquee tool from the toolbar on the left or by pressing the “M” key (windows+mac) on your keyboard.

Now just draw draw a rectangle around the acorn with this tool selected. You will see a bounding box in the form of a dotted line around the acorn. So basically you have selected the area that you want to clean.

Now go to edit and select fill.

Shift+F5 (windows)


Use Content aware as the fill method, blending mode: Normal and Opacity 100%

Press Enter and let the magic begin!!

You will be surprised and impressed by the results!

So here is a comparison of the original picture and what we did!


Step 3:

Lets work on something more complex now! How about we try to remove the girl from the following scenery?

NO? well lets just do it for science 🙂

If you note that a rectangular marquee wont just do it so we need something more flexible such as the lasso tool.

Unlock the layer and then select the lasso tool from the toolbar left or press the “L” Key (windows+mac) on your keyboard to select it. Draw a rough outline around the flag image to select it, only this time as a custom shape. Remember that you need to create a complete loop meaning that the starting point of the selection should also be the ending point.

Use the same fill tool method as mentioned above and you are done!

You might want to use the tool on problematic spots again to get the desired result but this is fast and correct upto 80-90 percent on complex scenarios.

I hope you have enjoyed reading!

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