How to: Recover lost PTCL modem password (an 1020-25)

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We all like to tweak our gadgets to our liking. Even if they are working fine there is this tiny voice inside telling you that you can make it work even better. Sometimes the results are desirable but sometimes our wisdom backfires! Stuck between the transitory phase, it can get quite frustrating when it disrupts our daily routine. One just longs to go back to how things were! Especially when you accidentally cut yourself off from your PTCL wireless modem.

Yep! You were on a mission to make your home network secure and congratulations you secured it so much that you cut yourself out of it. One can go on and on about the possible causes and blunders that might have resulted in this but that is not what this post is about. We are here to regain access to the modem settings.

Possible Scenerios:

a) Your network appears in the list of wireless networks but you cannot connect to it.

b) You can connect to the wireless network but cannot find the PTCL modem page.

c) You can connect to the wireless network and access the PTCL modem page but cannot remember the login/password.


Possible Reason & Solutions:

a)  Possible reason is that you just changed your wireless key which caused your modem to restart and now when you prompt your computer to connect to the network it cannot due to the old stored key. What you need to do is that disconnect and forgot the network  and then retry connecting to it. This would prompt you to enter a wireless key as the old stored key would have been forgotten and voila! you are all set. Alternatively you could right click on the network and open its properties. You can then replace the old network key with the new one. If you have forgotten the key you can just connect your computer using a wired connection. Just plug in the LAN wire and you should be good to go. You can reset the key from the router configuration page. ( by default).

b)  This could happen if you just changed the IP of the router configuration page. The standard address is or you attached an external router to your setup such as Tp-link which had the same address by default. This can be conflicting and cause you problems accessing the configuration page. First remove external routers from your network and then try logging on with Once prompted for credentials enter user: admin & pass:  admin assuming that you havent changed the default password. If you have changed the configuration page of your modem then try accessing it with the respective address. If you have forgotten what you changed it to then you are in a bit of trouble.

Just to be on the safe side try to jog your memory and try out a few combinations. Some of the widely used ones: , or as you might have them set to these. highly likely if you were using an external router.

c) Factory Restore is the only option. Read below:

If everything fails you could always perform a factory restore. However it comes with its set of problems. For starters you loose all your PTCL settings that are essential for you to use your DSL. So bear in mind that if  you factory reset the modem you would have to call the PTCL help line and get all the settings redone over the phone. So do this at your own risk!

What you need is a pin or a needle and your modem. If you look carefully at the back of the modem you will see a tiny rest hole. This is where you insert the pin/needle with the modem powered on and hold it for a few seconds till the modem restarts. You now have your modem factory restored and wiped of all settings.

Note that your SSID (wireless network name) would change back to PTCL-BB. Router configuration page would be reset to Username & Password to access it would be reset to admin (both). You would now be required to call PTCL and have them talk you through the configuration.



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    CAn i connect MY PTCL WIFI MODEM AN 1020-25 through dry battery when there is no electricity available

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      yes you can.

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    My ptcl ruter an1020-25 is working properly. I use wifi only for smartphone. Couple of days ago l have reset it. A person did setting of it with default password. There’s no problem at all in working condition.
    Only problem is that “internet indecator on rutor is permanently RED. It does not convert from green to red.” Please help me to solve this problem.

  • anwar attique

    WHAT Is password after reset by needle or pin.?

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