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Facebook has become the most widely used social network across the globe with more than 800 million active users. With each passing day we have more people interacting virtually, browsing the world through their computer screens.This has induced a stir in the marketing world as gurus and pundits try to capitalize on this rampant change in consumer behaviour. Needless to say Facebook was vary of the fact and it has cleverly integrated businesses into the network where brands can easily communicate with their loyal customers, advertise, provide them with updates and feedback. Facebook has thus earned itself a chunk of the marketing budget of all brands, big or small forcing them to adopt this new medium of social media marketing. You can clearly see brands competing with one another in the race to acquire more followers.

One can endlessly read and research over the benefits of using social media over the internet but this post is for those who have realized the importance of social media and want to do something about it!

If you have finally decided to make the switch and become socially active you should know that Facebook updates itself constantly, through design revamps and policy changes which need to be followed closely.

So if you are an individual, business or an agency struggling to understand the new timeline design let us help you with the correct image dimensions so that you do not have to go through the pain of redesigning everything over and over.

This should help you iron out your cover photo and profile picture issues

For application icons the image needs to be

111px by 74px

If you are making a landing page or application the maximum allowed canvas size is 820px but it has been observed that if you use the complete 820px you might get a horizontal scrollbar. Therefore we would recommend that you adhere to 810px maximum width. So this means that the canvas size for your landing pages and applications can be:

810px width with variable height

For normal wall posts

405px by 380px

This would make sure that the whole image is displayed when posted on the wall. In some instances when the image is larger than the aforementioned dimensions it may come as clipped onto your timeline asking the user to make the effort of clicking it.

Highlighted wall posts

845px by 405px

For the first time Facebook lets you highlight images posted on the timeline. Essentially this is a zoomed version of the image, taking up greater space on your timeline to make it stand out. A tip that should be in your bag of tricks!

Facebook ad size

110px by 80px

Lastly if you are looking to hire a digital media agency to help manage your online presence. You can give Obrotu a shot and relax while the experts do it for you.

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