Bad Laptop GPUs G84/G86

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  • 7 years ago

Dead Laptops, No/Faulty displays and G84/G86

Dying laptops, No display and GeForce 8400M and 8600M GPUs! It might come as a surprise to you but one of the largest GPU manufacturer NVIDIA rolled out a faulty series of GPUs that have caused or are causing laptops to burn and die out! These GPUs have manufacturing problems that are confirmed by many blogs if you just google the topic. In fact this problem has been quietly accepted by NVIDIA.

These chipsets are faulty due to a manufacturing fault that NVIDIA has agreed to. These can be found in any laptop regardless of the manufacturer. Most commonly found in old models of HP, Dell XPS and Macbook pro (Mid 2007-Late 2008) models.

On that note if you are thinking of buying a laptop with these GPUs I would strongly advise you to refrain from them because even if they get a motherboard replacement now which is highly unlikely in 2011, they would still be faulty. Its just like a time bomb ticking away depending on your usage. It might give out in a year or maybe two but its going to happen sooner or later. Just to add fuel to the fire most users are affected just after their warranty has expired, how is that for luck?

Here is a brief list of laptop models from various brands that bit the dust:


Macbook pro
(mid 2007-late 2008)


Our poor Dell XPS 1530 sigh

Dell XPS 1330

vostro 1310

Dell Inspirion 1520

Dell Latitude D630

Vostro 1500


Dv 9700

Dv 9548

Dv 9500

DV 2533TX

Dv 2500

Dv 9575EM

Dv 2700


Vaio Sz6

Vaio SZ780


Vaio AR-630E


Asus Z53 sv

Asus F3SV


Acer 7520G

Acer 5920G

For detailed instructions on how to take care of your laptop you can follow the guide posted here:
How to take care of your laptop (guide)

So do you have any experiences to share? or add a laptop model that we might have missed? Comment below and let us know.

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