Zong LTE vs Warid LTE

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  • 4 years ago

Zong has officially launched its 4G LTE services, whereas Warid is still in the process of carrying out trials. Warid has started giving sims to its corporate clients.  Warid is the only company which didn’t participate in the frequency bidding and is going to use its un-utilized network to launch 4G LTE services. Warid has been long trying to retain its customers by calling and telling its customers that they would be sent a 4G sim at their home address but to date these just look like tactics to hold on to the few customers they have left. Warid has lost a lot of customers to other service providers after the launch of 3G & 4G services in Pakistan.


Zong seems to be providing real good speed on 4G at the moment. As seen in the screenshot above, it is a decent speed especially considering the fact that it is a luxury to have a good broadband internet in Lahore. Everyone seems to be complaining about their internet regardless of the service provider. If these telecom service providers continue to provide such good speeds, people might start switching from wireless devices like EVO and start using 3G or 4G services. The only reason the users are avoiding such move is the download limit on 3G and 4G bundles. Anyway, Zong seems to be providing 20+ Mbps to its users on 4G LTE at the moment.


On the other hand Warid which is currently in test phase is providing only 5 Mbps. This is the speed that other service providers are providing on 3G connections. In Warid’s defense, it is still in testing phase. But considering Warid is only giving sims to corporate clients at the moment there isn’t much traffic on 4G network. This should logically mean more internet speed for each users. Warid is expected to start giving sims to all clients by first week of November. But then again it is hard to trust Waird, considering they have been calling customers since August promising 4g sim by mail.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that Warid is able to provide speeds better than what they currently are.

Update: Don’t update your carrier settings on Warid. Click Here for more details.

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  • Shahzain

    This WARID 4G LTE!!!

    • Saad

      Wow that is some speed! Which city and area is this?

  • Mangta Sajjad

    Man i am using warid trial in karachi …
    In most area it is 5 tp 10 mb
    Somea it is around 20 but its ping is conistant and quality service

  • test

    its Warid

    • Saad

      Can you please share the location where you are getting 20MBPS? Because maximum I have experienced in Lahore on Warid is 12 MBPS.

  • Ahsan Khan

    you hate warid i think ???? warid is easily delivering 22+ speed and at some places more then 51+ mbps is recorded

  • Ali Zameer Gardezi

    A very good article actually.

    Warid continues to be a late mover in the market. It seems that their marketing division lacks the expertise (after all they did hire wagon drivers back in 2009 as CTOs, I fear what their marketing department would have recruited). Apparently they think they are market leaders like Mobilink or Ufone, which they are definitely not. Mobilink and Ufone continue to be rivals in the top tier for the market share. Warid, Telenor and Zong follow in Tier 2.

    Another example of Warid’s careless approach towards retaining its customers. Before this 3G and 4G charade, Warid postpaid took a massive hit. The M999 package by Mobilink took the country by surprise. Warid assumed customer loyalty, forgetting the fact that these days the term “bang for the buck” holds no value when it comes to customer loyalty. Customers expect networks to take that extra step that shows the networks loyalty towards its clients. Warid couldn’t care less. As a result, people started porting out of Warid and on to Mobilink’s network. Those who were on postpaid, switched to prepaid (including myself). Warid keeps sending its prepaid customers a message everyday to switch to postpaid offering them 3 months of free FNF calls. Earlier
    they tried gaining users by advertising that line rents would be cut by half for new subscribers. Now days they have the “2X” offer – double minutes. The question is, what are they willing to offer?

    Let’s not forget the prepaid segment. Ufone has killed the prepaid market with its SuperCard offer. Warid has nothing to offer to compete against it. Surprising.

    It is apparent that Warid is continuing to lose its subscribers. The decision makers are not bothered. Phone calls from CSRs are not going to cut it for Warid. They need to offer something substantial if they want clients to retain their connections.

    • Saad Bashir

      Very nice analysis Ali

    • Abu Bakar

      But then, all others are the same. Ufone has an excellent offer in SuperCard (Dont forget its PTCL coverage edge) but worst quality due to network congestion. ZonG are even worse as they pay no attention to customer at all. Telenor is better than many but it also has coverage issues. Warid has the best voice quality and now LTE is even better.

  • Abu Bakar

    Warid performs way better than anyone else. I have used it in Islamabad Lahore and Karachi.

    • geekntech

      It is very interesting Abu Bakar. I have noticed that Warid does perform exceptionally well in some locations. But unfortunately at others it is not doing so well. Can you highlight the areas in Lahore where it does well? I have found it to be doing well near the airport (13 Mbps) probably because of low traffic. Otherwise in Gulberg and Model Town the download speed is limited to 6 Mbps on average. But we have definitely seen some amazing speed tests in Karachi for Warid showing speed as high as 33MBPS which is absolutely amazing by any standard.

  • Cgill

    Warid maybe had less speed then zong but comparing 4G cov, warid have much more of it. Warid covers 90% or lhr with 4g where as zong just covered the main downtown areas. And Pkgs are better i think. 5gb for 500 where zong is 5gb for Rs 640.

  • nasir

    its fake i was using mobilink 3G then i converted my sim to Zong.Using zong 4g .In my experience zong speed is lower then warid 4G.Warid call quality an signal is much better then zong.Zong is a shitty china mobile company using low quality devices in there towers.

  • shabi

    Zong 3G Speed test abi 4G baki hai.

  • shabi


    Zong 3G Speed Test
    bohat achi speed hai life ka maza he a gia hai.
    PTCL ko freeeee kar doooo ab. Demoline sim


  • shabi

    ZONG no 1 hai Internet k or Call k liy.

  • Waqar

    4g in Auckland. Hopefully we see this speed in Pakistan

  • Ahmad

    Zong 3G!!!

  • Bsienn

    Warid. Lahore DHA pase 1 p block
    3mb max only. I’ll try zong tomorrow

  • Muhammad Naseer

    i have personal experience of both Zong and Warid 4GLTE in all over lahore and Islamabad and pindi and Murree..
    warid gives roughly between 10 to 20 Mbps and Zong gives between 25 to 50 mbps in Lahore. In islamaabd i tested speed of Warid it was betweeen 25 to 36 mbps..

  • Muhammad Naseer

    Here are some screen shots of Zong 4 G.. Screenshots in which 4G is visible with signal bar.And some screenshots of PTCL 4Gcloud in which WiFi sign is on top of sreen in different areas of Lahore.

  • Anaya

    Zong LTE is best as the test conducted by Localistan Times clearly indicates that: Check out yourself
    4G LTE In Pakistan: Warid 4G LTE vs Zong 4G LTE Speed Tests

  • Recently speed test of Zong 4G in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad.

  • Faria Mughal

    Zong 4G speed test in Westridge Rawalpindi.

  • Faria Mughal

    Zong 4G speed test in Rawalpindi.

  • Faria Mughal


  • Faria Mughal

    zong 4g

  • Ahmed

    Have been using Zong 4 G wifi device 50 GB bundle in Karachi since past 6 months. It gives good speeds in speed tests however network quality is very poor. It uses lots of caching on their servers and being in software development business, it doesn’t help us as we keep on seeing old site from zong cache server instead of latest changes. It irritates alot and many times refuse to open many sites. Lastly zong IPS are blacklisted on many popular email and download sites and they simply block you to access the site or you need to enter in captcha code. All in all warid speeds may be less on speedtest but its way better in quality. So if you need an internet for facebook and chatting only go for zong however if you want serious internet connection which is high quality, warid is the way to go, despite being expensive, its reliable and delivers the punch.

  • Abid

    I’ve been in Pakistan since 16th December, 2016 and constantly paying loads to Zong just to get a reasonable bandwidth.

    First of all, there’s no mobile operator that offers a true monthly unlimited 4G/LTE Package. All of them have a limited bandwidth.

    Secondly, I need your advice on which Mobile Operator is the best. From the below comments, I understand that Warid is quite reasonable in terms of coverage and speed. Is it true?

    This is my current speedtest using Zong 3G in State Life Housing Society, Phase 1

  • Ammar Hayat

    I will not share any screenshots but personally from my experience, I switched to Zong internet 4g sim and all i was getting was max 2-3mb. Onething that is out of discussion but i would like to mention here is that Zong think they are smart enough to fool their customers. If you buy 50GB per month, their data counter will count your down+up… I know guys down and up and part of data but their customer services will tell you that 50GB is download volume. so if you watched a 1080p vid on youtube that is lets say 400mb, it will cost you around 700MBs. Guys this is my personal experiece. I have seen my counter eating my 2GB of data in like 30 minutes. How stupid and misleading they are. And since then my Zong 4g LTE device and internet sim and lingering in dust in my room.

  • In the end Zong wins.