Momentum Partner Rewards: Uber’s New Rewards Program for Partner Drivers

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  • 8 years ago

Uber has recently launched its Momentum Partner Rewards program offering additional perks to its drivers. It aims at boosting its driver base through deals that offer convenience and feasibility. After all the service is heavily dependent on drivers and Uber needs as many as it can get. Still reverberating from the journalist fiasco and customer spying, Uber is trying to keep its focus straight and work towards improving itself.

Uber’s blog gives us a little flavor of what drivers should expect. They have divided rewards into three categories, starting with Personalized health recommendations. The company has partnered with Stride Health which would be helping drivers make an informed choice by providing a breakdown and comparison of insurance options available. Second are auto maintenance/repair discounts  which can save drivers as much as 15% , some the partnering stores include Jiffy Lube, AutoZone and Firestone. Lastly, Uber will also be offering discounts on cellphone carriers that include AT&T and Verizon. Eligible drivers can save upto 18% off phone plans. Here is a screenshot from the official blog post:



To be eligible for these rewards however, drivers need to have driven 30 to 50 hours per quarter. These rewards are unlocked using a points, which are awarded after every completed trip. To accumulate points faster Uber drivers can drive during rush hours to get extra points. Here is a break down of eligible hours:

Monday – Thursday: [7am – 10am] , [5pm – 8pm]

Friday: [7am – 10am] , [5pm – 3am]

Saturday: [9am – 3am]

Sunday: [7am – 7pm]


Source/ Image Source: Uber blog

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