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We at GeekNTech are always striving create value for our readers through our reviews, tips, recommendations and a light dose of tech industry news. We believe that user engagement and feedback is an essential ingredient in achieving our goals. We therefore welcome user input, questions, app recommendations and review requests.

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We try our level best to evaluate all submitted content including but not limited to release / pre-release excerpts, product features / details, previews, screenshots, videos, and updates for existing and upcoming apps and mobile games. Please direct all press releases or related inquiries at the following email address:

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iTunes Promo Codes

If your iOS app or game features in-app purchases, you can provide us a single promo code so that our team can conduct a comprehensive review, which we believe will be beneficial to our readers.

We can also facilitate you with your on-going app promotions through discount / promo codes generated for GeekNTech readers. Drop us an email on the following address:

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While we do not have any pre-defined advertisement plans or packages, we are always interested in advertising opportunities that are beneficial for us and our readers.  You are welcome to share your proposals or suggestions using the link below:

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